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Trilogy Pt900 Diamond Ring 0.50ct


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Trilogy Pt900 Diamond Ring 0.50ct
Description of item This is a trilogy platinum ring that symbolizes the past, present, and future.
An elegant design with three diamonds of different sizes as the main decoration. The three flowing lines are accented with the delicate sparkle of melee diamonds, making it even more gorgeous. Another plus point is that it is comfortable to wear.
Enjoy jewelry with a story and design that adds elegance to your hands with sparkling diamonds.
SELBY contact number 240328-120
condition A

material Pt900
size Width: Approx. 9.4mm
Thickness: Approx. 4.1mm
Ring Size No. 13
Size that can be altered Size 11 to 15
gross weight Approx. 9.5g

Center Stone
jewelry diamond
weight Total 0.50ct
Color aa+~aa
Clarity AA+~AA
shine AA+~AA



Regarding the description of product condition

Condition evaluation will be on an 8-step scale.
Each piece is carefully polished by skilled craftsmen, and each item is left in like-new condition.

Please be sure to read it.

  • Most of the products in our store are second-hand items.
    Depending on the customer, there may be ``dirt'' or ``scratches'' that may be of concern to the customer, so please be aware of this before purchasing.
  • Regarding the condition of the product, it may not be possible to show all scratches and damage in the image. Please note.
    Please also note that colors may vary depending on the angle at which the photo is taken and the monitor of the computer or smartphone you are using.
  • Regarding products with gold stamps [Pm (Platinum)] and [18K/18kt/750] whose content has been confirmed, they will be written as [Pt900] or [K18].
    Therefore, please note that the actual engraving and the description on the product page may differ.
  • Accessories (boxes, storage bags, etc.) cannot be included unless otherwise specified in the notes.
    Please note that even "N rank" products (new) may not come without a box.
  • Although we naturally take product inventory management into consideration, the products posted on this site are also sold at our physical stores.
    Therefore, please note that we may not be able to fulfill your requested order.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via the inquiry form, email, or phone.

About stone quality evaluation

Stone quality display is objectively evaluated based on the following three items.

  • This is Selby's own evaluation standard.

color evaluation

Diamond color evaluation

rank diamond
aaa Top Colorless (Top Colorless) GIA standard D to E colors. It appears colorless and transparent when viewed from both face-up and edge-up angles.
aa Colorless (Colorless) GIA standard F to H colors. When viewed face-up, it appears almost colorless and transparent.
a Near Colorless GIA standard I-L colors. It looks slightly colored. Display the base color after the rank.
b Very Light ~ Light color (Very Light ~ Light color) Below GIA standard N color. You can see that it is clearly colored. Display the base color after the rank.
c Light color ~, below GIA standard S color. At a glance, you can see that the color is more clearly colored than the B rank. Display the base color after the rank.

Color evaluation of colored stones

rank colored stones
aaa The highest-ranking color tone among the target gemstones, such as pigeon blood ruby, cornflower blue sapphire, etc.
aa Color tone next to AAA rank. There is a slight negative point when compared to the best toned ones.
Example: beef blood ruby ​​etc.
a Normal rank color tone. Based on AAA, there are some negative points such as the color being a little light, dark, or dark.
b The color tone clearly shows the negative points when seen with the naked eye. It's clearly a level where you're concerned about negative points such as colors being too light, too dark, or too dark.
c Lower rank color tones that can be used as jewelry

clarity evaluation

Clarity is a standard for evaluating how relatively few scratches and inclusions there are.

  • This is the same evaluation for diamonds and colored stones.
rank Content
AAA Even with a 10x magnifying glass, inclusions are barely visible. (Clarity higher than VS class)
A.A. When using a 10x magnifying glass, you can see slight inclusions. (SI1 class clarity)
A If you look closely with the naked eye, you can see slight inclusions.
B Several inclusions can be seen with the naked eye.
C The presence of inclusions can be clearly seen with the naked eye.

Terri/brilliance evaluation

  • This is the same evaluation for diamonds and colored stones.
rank Content
AAA The highest rank of brilliance among the target gemstones.
A.A. Only when compared to AAA-ranked ones, you can see that the shine is slightly inferior.
A It has enough shine and shine to be used as a jewel.
B I can confirm that the texture is a little sweet.
C It's cloudy and doesn't look very bright.
  • Depending on the nature of the gemstone, it may not be possible to express it using the 5-level rating above.
    In such cases, the expression "A+" may be used.
  • If multiple pieces, such as melee diamonds, are used and there are differences in quality, the average quality will be displayed as the main one, and the quality of the range of use will be displayed in parentheses.
    Display example: A(B+~AA)
  • The evaluation of brightness and shine may be due to the internal crystal structure or the quality of the cut and make-up.
    Especially in the case of colored stones, there is no strict objective evaluation axis like that for diamonds, so please think of it as a somewhat simplified quality evaluation method to supplement photos and descriptions.

About the evaluation of diamonds with certificates

Please see below for the evaluation of graded diamonds that come with a certificate of authenticity and a sorting bag.

  • The evaluation criteria will be determined by a third-party organization.

color evaluation

D~F Colorless
G~J Near Colorless
K~M Faint Yellow Slight yellow
N~R Very Light Yellow Very light yellow
S~Z Light Yellow
color diamond Fancy Yellow

clarity evaluation

F.L. Flores completely intact
IF Internally Flawless Minor surface scratches
VVS1, VVS2, VS1 Minute flaws that are difficult to detect even under 10x magnification
VS2, SI1, SI2 Can be detected with 10x magnification, but difficult to detect with the naked eye
I1, I2, I3 Inclusions can be seen with the naked eye

Cut evaluation

3Ex Triple Excellent
H&C Heart & Cupid
Very Good

Jewelry that is often worn directly on the skin, such as rings, necklaces, and earrings, can become scratched, dirty, discolored, or deformed due to wear and age, no matter how careful you are.
At Selby, we carefully examine all of our products in-house, and we give used items a new finish before selling them so that our customers can use them for years to come.
Additionally, we accept unconditional returns for any reason within one week of purchase, so even those who are concerned about second-hand jewelry can purchase with confidence.

What is new finishing for jewelry?

Refinishing a piece of jewelry that has scratches, dirt, discoloration, or deformation involves correcting distortions and bends, checking stone clasps and decorative stones, cleaning the jewelry itself, and repolishing the metal surface. This is a process that brings back the shine to make it look like new.

New finishing process

  1. We will professionally check the entire piece of jewelry and mark any areas that need repair.
  2. The ring is inserted into a core metal (similar to a size rod), and distortions and bends are adjusted to balance the entire jewelry.
  3. We will inspect the stone clasp (the claw that holds the jewel), which is important in jewelry.
    Carefully tap loose nails and replace broken or worn nails.
    We will also replace any missing or missing decorative stones.
  4. If there are scratches or dents on the base metal part, after adding the base metal, smooth the surface with a spatula or router to make it clean.
    Also, polish the entire surface with a vinyl buff or board buff.
  5. The item is washed to remove dirt and inspected using a loupe or microscope.

At Selby, after giving new finishes to used jewelry, we take photos of the products and sell them.

Price of reused products

1. Buy reused jewelry

The most attractive thing about reused jewelry is the price.
The secret to its popularity is that it can be easily purchased for about 1/2 to 1/5 the price of a new product.
In addition, reusing allows you to encounter brand jewelry that has gone out of print and is no longer available as new, as well as jewelry with delicate forms that can only be expressed by hand.
However, there are cases where the seller sells the item without cleaning it (polishing, checking the nails and stones, etc.), does not have a certificate of authenticity or certificate of authenticity due to lack of knowledge about gemstones, or is refused maintenance. You want to pay attention not only to the temporary low price, but also to the reliability of the shop when purchasing.
Selby is a long-established reusable jewelry company that has operated physical stores in Ginza and Okachimachi as well as an online shop for 16 years since its founding.
We handle everything from strict product checks at the time of listing to after-sales follow-up after a successful bid.

No matter how much you use gemstones, their material value will never decrease.
In fact, the value of the material may increase due to rising market prices.

2. Let go of reused jewelry

The second charm of reused jewelry is actually when you let it go.
If you try to part with new jewelry, the appraisal price at the purchase store will be about 1/4 to 1/10 of the time you purchased it.
However, no matter how much you use your reused jewelry, as long as there are no significant fluctuations in gold or platinum market prices or exchange rates, you can collect your reused jewelry within 3/4 to 1/2 of the time of purchase.
If the market price of gold or platinum is higher than at the time of purchase, the appraised price may be higher than the purchase price.
Of course, just like when making a purchase, it goes without saying that it is important to choose a purchasing store that positively evaluates the value of the brand and stone.

Reused jewelry that has been well maintained will look just like new even when viewed by a professional.
The biggest advantage of reused jewelry is that you can get jewelry that looks almost the same as new, for about 1/2 to 1/5 of the new price, use it to your heart's content for years, and then sell it for the same price as when you bought it. This is the charm of

If you receive an item but the size does not match or the image is different, we will provide the following guarantee.

Return/Cancellation Guarantee

We will accept returns unconditionally within one week of receiving the product, regardless of the reason.
Once we receive the product, we will transfer the amount to your designated bank or post office account.

Free repair guarantee

If the product is damaged, defective, or defective during normal use, we will repair it free of charge for one year from the date of delivery.
However, defects and damage caused by the customer's carelessness or intentionality, as well as defects and damage caused by processing by a company other than our company, are not covered.

Guaranteed resizing

Among the products you purchase, we will resize the ring as many times as you like free of charge for one year from the date of receipt of the product.
(It will be within the range stated in the description)

If you would like to resize a ring to a size other than the supported size, or change the design or size of a product other than a ring, please contact us with any questions, or contact us by email or phone. Please contact us.
(We will answer questions such as ``Can it be processed?'' and ``Is there an additional charge?'')

Price reduction negotiation process

① Search for products

Use the category menu or narrow your search to select the item you want to negotiate a price reduction on.

② Inquiry about discount

Please send us your desired price using the inquiry form on the product page.


We will contact you to let you know whether we can purchase the item at your desired price.
*Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your request.

④ Coupon issued when negotiations are concluded

Once the negotiation is successful, we will email you a coupon code that will reduce the price to the agreed amount.

⑤Purchase using a coupon

You can order at the agreed amount.

Notes on price negotiations

  • Coupons issued when a price reduction is agreed upon cannot be used in conjunction with other sales or coupons.
  • If multiple items are negotiated, please use the coupon for each item and complete the purchase process.
  • The coupon issued when the price reduction negotiation is successful will be sent by email to the email address you entered in the inquiry form when negotiating the price reduction.
  • Each coupon has an expiration date.
  • The item will continue to be on sale on the website even during price negotiations. Other customers may purchase the item or negotiate for a lower price during the negotiation.

For detailed screen operations, please see below.

How to inquire about a discount

  • For price negotiation inquiries, please use the inquiry button on each product page.
    (We do not accept orders over the phone)

Example of price negotiation input

  • Please enter your desired purchase amount, such as " I would like to negotiate the price down. Please reduce it to XXX million yen, " and then submit.

How to use coupons

  • Enter the coupon code at checkout to apply the discount.
  • You will need to use the coupon yourself when placing your order.
  • If you place an order without using a coupon, we cannot generally adjust the price after the order has been placed.
  • If you enter two coupon codes at the same time, the larger one will be applied .

How to check the discount amount

  • Please check the order confirmation screen to confirm that the price has been discounted to the final amount.

What is SX payment?

Selby's unique payment system allows you to trade in precious metals and jewelry that you no longer need and use the money to pay for the products you ordered.

An example of SX payment

If a customer who ordered a Pt diamond ring for 30,000 yen has jewelry that is no longer used (K18 ruby ​​ring, appraised value 20,000 yen)

Purchase amount Pt diamond ring 30,000 yen
purchase price K18 ruby ​​ring -20,000 Yen
Amount to be paid by the customer 10,000 yen

As mentioned above, by trading in precious metals and jewelry that you no longer need, you will only be required to pay the difference in price from the order amount.
Of course, if the purchase amount exceeds the order amount, Selby will pay the difference to the customer.

Selby makes top-class high-value purchases in Okachimachi, Tokyo, the most competitive area for jewelry purchasing in Japan, so we are confident in presenting you with an appraised price.

How to apply for SX payment

Please select "SX payment" when ordering the product.

SX payment flow

Selby will deliver a free packing kit to the customer 1-3 days after placing the order.

Packing kit contents

  • cardboard boxes for packaging
  • Packing materials (air packing, etc.)
  • SX appraisal/purchase request form
  • Sagawa Express's cash on delivery invoice to Selby

Please enclose the following three items in the packing kit and send it to Selby.

What to send to Selby

  1. Items to be traded in
    • Please use the packaging materials in the packaging kit to prevent damage during shipping.
  2. Copy of identification card
    • A driver's license, passport, insurance card, certificate of residence issued within the last 3 months, etc. that shows your current address.
  3. SX appraisal/purchase request form
    • Please fill out and stamp the SX appraisal/purchase request form included in the packaging kit.

As soon as the appraised item arrives at Selby, we will contact you with the difference between the appraised price and the item you ordered using SX payment.

If you agree with the assessed price, we will ship your ordered product after paying the difference.

  • Cancellations cannot be accepted after the purchase (trade-in) has been completed.
    If you are not satisfied with the assessed price, we will ship it back to you along with your ordered product.

How to settle the difference during SX settlement

  • If purchase price < order amount

    If the order amount is higher than the purchase price (trade-in price), please pay the difference using one of the payment methods below.

    • Bank transfer
    • cash on delivery
  • If purchase price > order amount

    If the purchase price (trade-in amount) is higher than the order amount, we will pay the difference by bank transfer.

Contact us by phone

Please feel free to contact us regarding the process from ordering to receiving the product, how to apply, etc.

SX payment inquiry dial

Business hours: 11:00-18:30 (open all year round)

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Trilogy Pt900 Diamond Ring 0.50ct